Your Daily Mantra!

For whatever reason, we sometimes lose motivation to work out and eat healthy.

I’m not going to try to get into the psychological mind games of why we may lose motivation, but lets just all agree that it  happens to the best of us.

Perhaps one of these scenarios sounds familiar:

  • You’ve signed up for a 5 or 10k and you’re still not motivated to hop on the treadmill…
  • You’re going to Miami Beach in 3wks and will be amidst many scantily clad bikini-wearing women (in addition to your college friends), and you’re still eating ice cream at nite…
  • Your new jeans suddenly became snug in the thighs yet you just can’t seem to motivate first thing in the morning to workout…

Whatever the reason, whatever your goal, whatever your upcoming event…fear not…I have a solution that i think may help you get back on track.

OK, this may sound hokey, but hear me out…

I want you to wake up EVERY MORNING and REMIND yourself  OUT LOUD of your daily plan and goals.  Yes, that does mean you’ll be talking yourself in the bathroom first thing in the morning, but just try it.

Here’s a few examples:

  1.  ”I will have a great day today.  I will have a nice, strong, 3-mile run, and i will feel so energized after i accomplish this.  I love how i feel after a good run. I will be well prepared for my upcoming 5k.”
  2. “I will feel so energized today eating healthy foods.  Healthy foods make me feel strong and like i can accomplish anything i set my mind to.  My workout today will be amazing because i am fueling my body with Premium Fuel.”
  3. “I will feel confident in my bathing suit on the beach.  To do this, I’m going to have an awesome 45-minute circuit training workout today.  I’m going to do 5 rounds of  jumprope, pushups, squats, lunges, and plank sequences.  I will feel amazing when i’m done, and i will nourish my body with healthy foods and lots of water.”
  4.  ”I want to feel better in my clothes.  Today i will commit to going to bootcamp and pushing myself harder than i ever work on my own.  My body will feel toned and lean.”

OK, you get the gist.  Create your own daily mantra.  Always remind yourself of your goals and then figure out your daily plan.

Here’s my mantra today:  ” I want to feel confident on the beach this summer.  Today I will have an amazing 1-hour workout. I will nourish my body with plenty of water and fuel it with the best foods possible that will make me stronger and healthier.

So, what’s your mantra?  Try it out…let me know how it works for you!

Love & Lunges,


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